Friday, March 27, 2009

Allergy Asthma

Hi everyone! I'm back here at "My Health Today" this time with a look at some of the modern triggers that can set off allergy asthma from a lay person's standpoint.

This is completely unscientific and totally unfounded, but not without a good smattering of educated guessing as to some of the glaringly obvious causes of one of the latest epidemics to affect 21st century people in ever greater numbers. Especially young people, which is the most upsetting part of this whole thing.

One of the most frightening things you can observe is your own child gasping for breath for no apparent reason and feeling helpless in the face of what could be a life threatening allergy asthma attack. So what is it that has caused this terrible disease to spiral out of control and affect so many people?

You might notice that health officials and government ministers will not be giving away anything useful, especially if it comes even close to the truth. So we, the mere mortals, the plebs and peasants that make up this fair land will have to figure it out by ourselves.

Isn't it lucky we aren't all as stupid as most government ministers thinks we are!

Let's see now, the rate of increase of:

1. automobiles on our streets, especially the rise in those burning diesel fuel might prompt one to equate it with the steep rise in the number of allergy asthma patients. No? Well, I think yes.

2. the use of pesticides and other noxious chemicals sprayed on our food crops. Fruit and vegetables, the mainstay of a healthy lifestyle are all poisoned with a cocktail of God knows how many different flavours of bug killing potions. So they may have been tested individually for toxicity, but where are the reports to prove that combined they are not responsible for not just the rise in asthma cases?

3. construction of concrete based buildings. Didn't think of that one, huh? Well, cement contains lime, which is known as being very, very bad for the lining of the lungs. Portland cement dust particles are so fine that they can pass through a filter through which even water cannot pass. This dust gets kicked up into the air very easily and is distributed across the country by the wind. To breathed in by our children. Nice.

4. pollutants in our water that leech into drinking water sources from industrial works and, surprise surprise, the spraying of crops. This pollution includes phosphates and nitrates present in chemical fertilizers. It also includes herbicides (weedkiller to us plebs!) and fungicides (think anti-athletes foot).

5. aviation and the cheap air rides. Yep, all that extra flying time put in by the budget airlines means ever more aircraft in the sky. They all have to be fuelled by something and that something is good old aviation spirit (a derivative of oil, like a fine petroleum spirit). This produces carcinogenic exhaust gases just like cars and trucks, except it floats down on us from above.

Ok, that's enough from me. I think these several points provide us with plenty of reasons why asthma is on the rise. You just have to think it through yourself with common sense to see why things are the way they are. You can find out about a natural treatment that can alleviate the breathing problems associated with this disease in the form of salt air inhalers here:

You don't need some smiling, smirking, cheesy faced politician to tell you a bunch of bare faced lies and wrap them up as the truth to see it for yourself. Unless of course you really are as stupid as the very same politicians think you are.

Which of course I don't believe for one second.

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