Saturday, February 7, 2009

Acne Treatment

There are many aspects to health and so much to write about it often gets tough to know in which direction to go next! My last post Gout Remedies, looked at gout treatments etc mainly because it is something I suffer with from time to time, so I know plenty about it. A subject that I also happen to know a fair deal about is acne, as I suffered pretty badly with it as a teenager, but it managed to stick with me throughout my twenties as well, which was not much fun.

So as you can imagine, I sought out just about every known acne treatment I could lay my hands on. Most of them were useless, some were downright dangerous, whilst others actually helped in various degrees. Here's a shortlist lowdown on what worked and what didn't for me. You have to remember that everyone is different and that what will work for one person may not work for another...

First off were all the cosmetic face washes and creams. Most of them did a good job of drying my skin, which of course cut down on the greasiness and went some way to preventing spots, although I was never convinced they really did much good as acne is primarily caused by a hormone imbalance or by bad diet rather than oily skin. So in the end all I was left with was incredibly dry, flaky skin which ended up being just as embarrassing as the acne it was meant to cure.

So that meant looking at diet, but when you're a teenager, do you give a rat's arse about what you eat? Not bloody likely! Hamburgers, pizzas, chips, oh yeah, brink it all on baby! Sweets, fizzy drinks like lemonade, cola etc, chocolate, cakes, biscuits. Yep, everything that is absolutely terrible for your health just happens to be most teenager's staple diet. trying to cut out any of that was incredibly difficult, although I did notice a difference after a while. My weight, while not excessive went down some as well, so it was a double win-win.

Lastly, the hormone imbalance was something that I never got to the bottom of and eventually age did its thing and the acne went all on its own. I'm guessing that as my age increased, my diet overall improved and so my hormones settled down to where they should be.

So my own personal experience is that most acne treatment methods that you go and buy didn't work for me at all. Natural acne treatment methods like good diet, exercise and drinking lots of plain water rather than fizzy drinks is the key to reducing the problem as far as possible as it all ties in and allows your body's hormone levels to balance out better.

So there you have it in a walnut shell.

Terry Didcott
My Health Today

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