Monday, December 14, 2009

More Tips for Weight Loss

Hi again, and in this post I just want to look at some more tips for weight loss that might be useful to anyone who is looking to lose some of that extra flab or shrink that spare tyre! Its not going to be anything like an earth shattering set of weight loss tips, as in reality there are no magic solutions to this, but what I'll cover here is pretty basic stuff that people tend to overlook or just don't realise.

There's a big secret that's being kept from most people about losing weight by the media and companies that specialise in weight loss products, plans and systems. They do their utmost to convince everyone that losing weight is simply impossible unless you use their great new product or get on this or that ground breaking new diet. But its mostly a load of poppycock. Losing weight is really all about you.

By that I mean there is only one person who will benefit from losing weight and getting fit and healthy if your current state is not so great and that person is you. The media and diet mongers tend to gloss over that fact and make you believe that you can't do anything without some kind of help. But that's just not true.

You can make the decision to do something about your body shape and what you weigh and you can decide to see it through or not. You choose whether you will eat healthily and get plenty of exercise or eat junk and spend all your free time lodged on your sofa in front of the TV. You decide. Not a diet company or nutritionist. You. Only you.

And this is probably the greatest weight loss tip of them all.

The realisation that everything comes down to how you decide to live your life and that no one else can live it for you is a truly inspirational moment. Its life changing and even reading this won't do it for you! You have to do it for yourself.

So all the advice about what you should or should not do to make the extra pounds drop away is there but you have to choose to use it and then to stick with it and see it through so that it works for you. And that leads me nicely on to the other hugely important tip I have to help you lose weight.

You can't allow yourself to cheat.

Cheating is what most failed dieters do then blame it on the diet. They sneak high calorie snacks when they think no one is looking and then swear blind they didn't! Problem is, while there may not be anyone looking, you are mistaken in thinking your cheating is going totally unobserved. That's because there is one person who is always looking at you when you cheat or when you don't. That person is you!

So remember, if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself and no one else. So next time you decide to do something about the amount you weigh, make a commitment to yourself to see it through no matter what. Don't cheat, not even a little bit and don't even think about blaming amyone else when the buck stops squarely in your lap!

Think about that!

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