Thursday, December 20, 2007

Health Information Foreward

Following straight on from our first post entitled My Health Today, welcoming you to this blog and all the health information that it will be providing over the course of its life, I'd like to begin with a small mini-series on health related books that might be of interest to the health conscious amongst you.

This mini series will consist of several mini reviews of some very useful health and health related ebooks that have a real place in anyone's healthy lifestyle. They have been chosen for review because we believe that our reviews will give you the information you'll need to make an informed decision as to whether the book is just perfect for your needs, or not as the case may be. They may be on the health benefits of certain foods or drinks, certain fruits or vegetables and many other things besides. You may be surprised at some of the choices, such as chocolate for eating your way to good health rather than all the negative press it used to get. Or the intriguing health benefits that drinking green tea can bring that you would not have expected.

So starting with the next post, we'll bring you the first of our featured health ebook reviews for your information and maybe even for you to add to your library of reading material for a better, more healthy lifestyle.

See what you think when the next post turns up very soon...

My Health Today

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